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Self-improvement for Retouchers


I believe that the biggest room in the world is the room for self-improving. I’m sure that it’s no big surprise for you that in order to be successful, you need always be in lookout for new additional skills to your list and of course Love what you do.

Retouching industry is competitive industry, with new talents arriving everyday. In order to keep up with industry you need to teach yourself to learn something new everyday. If talking about me, I’ve start to learn CGI 6 month ago and recently I found passion for traditional watercolor drawings. Really, I didn’t realize that I can draw before I actually tried to do so.

We are the biggest enemies for ourselves, because we create limitations and keep telling ourselves that we can’t do that because… and we don’t have That to do so… Those limitations we put in our mind actually make our life harder and prevent us from doing great things. It’s the hardest part of all to teach yourself drop limitations and start doing and learning, but when you do so – you’ll have huge advantage amongst your colleagues.


Set a rule for yourself to learn something new everyday: read useful posts and books, try new technic in Photoshop, start to learn new program to get better in what you do. It`s hard to follow that rule, there always gonna be something to break it. Like, for example, to much work, not enough time, laziness… But come on, it`s gonna be a great investment in yourself! In a couple of months you`ll be more confident and even more professional in what you do. And as a reward you gonna get a lot of good clients that will appreciate your work and a lot of great works in your portfolio to get even more good clients.

So let`s just drop our laziness and start doing… Like Nike said: “Just Do It”. Amen :)

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