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How To Paint Shiny Textures

Want to share with you the quick tip on how to paint shiny textures in Photoshop.


First of all, you need to study real life textures of objects you are painting. Get some nice refer images and look close to them. After studying shiny lipstick images, I`ve looked through my photoshop brushes and found one that might be close to the texture I`m after. It needed some custom changes, though.

You can download this shiny texture brush here and follow with me through this tutorial, experimenting with it.

Paint your base shape. Add shadows and highlights to it.


Then create the new layer and make it the clipping mask for your base shape layer. Take the brush you`ve downloaded. Adjust the size of it and pick the light color tone. Paint more with it in the lighter areas and less in shadows. Set Overlay blending mode for this layer.


Now create one more layer. Take the same shiny texture brush, set its color to white and paint where highlights are. Make sure to paint 100% of opacity in the center of highlight and reduce the opacity to 20-30% when moving outside of highlight.


Hope this tip will be useful. Let me know in comments if you have any question :)

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